“Absent Things as If They Are Present” The Rumpus

“Apology for the Camellias I Could Not Write About” The Rumpus

“Doors” The Rumpus

"Lies I Tell" Poem-a-Day Series from Academy of American Poets

"All My Pretty Ones" Tinderbox

"What I Know About Fresno" TinderBox

"A Heart Can Be Broken Only Once, Like a Window" The Offing

"The Child Celebrates __________ by Eating Cake" Entropy

"Impossible Petrarchan Sonnet" Orange Mercury Zine

"Loving Poets" Cultural Weekly (2017 Pushcart Nominee)

"My Name Disappears from the Script" Cultural Weekly

"My Father Imagines Winning the Lotto" Sundog Lit

"Affair With My Boss Who is Dying From Cancer" Queen Mob's Tea House

"There Are Tamales Here" Third Point Press (nominee from Sundress Publications for Best of the Net 2017)

"Creation Story" The Offbeat

"No, I wasn't always this ugly" Calamity

"Joke Teller" Askew

"Please" Askew

"Fresno Field" The Acentos Review

"Ars Poetica" Luna Luna

"Singularity" Luna Luna

"Birthday Poem" Fog Machine

"Party Favors For My Historical Birthday" Fog Machine

"To Fresno" Fog Machine

"Half-Elegy For My Mother's Voice" Blue Mesa Review

"Narcissus Goes to Forever 21" Shot Glass Journal

"Spanish" Shot Glass Journal

"My Brother's Return" Verdad Literary and Fine Arts Journal

"Memory as a City" Into the Teeth of the Wind (2015 Pushcart Prize Nominee)

"Rorschach Test" Into the Teeth of the Wind

"The Move" Wild Horses: Women on Fire

"Deciding Not to Go to India" Wild Horses: Women on Fire

"My Name" Wild Horses: Women on Fire

"Upon Looking at a Photo of a Young Girl and Her Father Who Raped Me" Wild Horses: Women on Fire

"The Island of Raped Women" Wild Horses: Women on Fire

"Less" Wild Horses: Women on Fire

"Chingona 1" Wild Horses: Women on Fire

"Chingona 2 or Cactus Mom" Wild Horses: Women on Fire

"Graduation Announcements" Wild Horses: Women on Fire

"Growing Up in Fresno" San Pedro River Review

"Late Mornings" Kindred

"Traces of My Father" Kindred

"Mexican Bingo" The McNeese Review

"There is Something Delicate About My Brother" The Packinghouse Review

"I am Regularly Amazed" The Finger

"Wedding" featured as LoWriter of the Week by Juan Felipe Herrera

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"Talking to Myself While I Drink the Same Margarita for an Hour" Stone Highway Review

"This Time" Other Poetry

"In My Boyfriend's Kitchen" Yes, Poetry

"Young Narcissus Pretends to Have a Superpower" The Boiler Journal

"At Revue Café" San Joaquin Review

"The Man with the Crow Tattoo" San Joaquin Review



"Blood for a Little Bit of Kingdom: Vanessa Angélica Villarreal’s Beast Meridian" Connotation Press, 2018.



“A Conversation with Sara Borjas and Nayelly Barrios” at Letra Latinas Blog.

“I Am a Poet” at The Odyssey. Interview by Martha Delgado.


Release Series: Origins - Sara Borjas "Lies I Tell" at the Virgil Bar 5.25.19. Video by Keith Martin.

Release Series: Origins - Sara Borjas "Pocha Cafe" 5.25.19. Video by Keith Martin.

Release Series: Origins - Sara Borjas "Ars Poetica" at the Virgil Bar 5.25.19. Video by Keith Martin.